Milo's typical look when runningIt is time for a social media experiment: Invent a word and see how long it takes to appear and spread on the Internet. My word is Milosthinking.

Basically what I am doing is a test of my social graph to see how or if my new word appears in the Bing and Google search engines. I will report results back on this blog once I start seeing things appear.

My plan of attack is:

  1. Post this original blog post that launches the word to the world
  2. Tweet about it, linking back to this blog post
  3. Blog about it on my other two blog sites
  4. Post a link on my Facebook profile
  5. Post a link in Windows Live Messenger so it appears in my Windows Live Profile

To define Milosthinking, here are some examples:

  • If someone wants to jump through a window for a squirrel, then that’s just normal Milosthinking, meaning nothing should get in your way for a squirrel
  • Milosthinking is what causes you to run full speed into a metal fence, meaning it’s not such a smart thing to do
  • Milosthinking is what you need to pull an entire block of cheese off of a Thanksgiving dinner table without being noticed, meaning that you’ve got to be sneaky
  • Having a dog sit on a couch like a person, with his front legs still on the floor is Milosthinking, in that a dog is just like a person

Here are the links I will use to test my little experiment:


6 thoughts on “Milosthinking: testing social media

  1. The word should have been “Miloism”. And he didn’t just eat a whole block of cheese, he carefully selected the exact cheese block from the cheese plate that he wanted. And inhaled just the one cheese. He then selected the bowl of humus before it was discovered that he was picking his favourites from the table…

  2. I use to automatically feed my blog to twitter. I also setup the facebook Twitter app to auto populate my facebook wall from twitter … its a daisy chain .. i know its annoying to see so many updates from me but its an experiment for now :). Ping.FM will autoupdate multiple sites with your blog post: twitter, facebook, linkedin and more.

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