After 1 day (23 hours to be specific), both the Bing and Google search engines can find the word Milosthinking:

  • Milosthinking on Bing
  • Milosthinking on Google

    Working at Microsoft, I was of course rooting for Bing to find it first, but Google gets that honour this time. However, the results from Bing are much better. The results, in order of appearance on each search engine after 23 hours are:

    Bing: my WordPress blog, my Windows Live Spaces blog, my MSDN blog, my twitter account, and a blog aggregator
    Google: my MSDN blog and 2 blog aggregators

    Clearly Bing is finding the sites that are pointing to my Milosthinking blog entry, which is the result I was looking for with this little test. I wanted to see how a new word would appear on the search engines and how quickly. Way to go Bing!


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