RedBull Stratos Project

RedBull Skydive Not only is this a very cool project for RedBull, but they include video and photos to easily share on Facebook and Twitter, but also an app for Nokia and SMS updates. It’s a good use of technologies that embrace social networking.

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Effective Social Media Ads recently published: What Social Media Ad Types Work Best?

A few tidbits that I found most interesting are:

  • Regardless of format, the most effective advertisements were those that were related to the content on the publisher’s website (i.e. a soup advertisement on a cooking website).
  • Of the seven advertising types, banner ads and newsletter links were the most successful at encouraging purchase intent.
  • The study suggests that banner ads may be the best choice for advertisers that want to push a product. However, for campaigns that want to build engagement, corporate profiles or sponsored content is the better option.

Take a look at the entire article for the details:

Using Microsoft Surface for advertising

Here’s a great use of new technology to drive a brand: Splendid have been working with JCDecaux Airports to deliver a Microsoft Surface solution to Heathrow Terminal 5 to allow passenger to interact with the Tag Heuer brand.

Crowdsourced Film for Lacta Chocolate

A good example of social media from Kraft: In Greece, Kraft Scores a Hit for Lacta Chocolate With Crowdsourced Film

10 rules for your campaign site in a social media world

To drive effective digital advertising, it takes more than a banner ad, search keyword, and a Facebook fan page.

Taddy Hall just wrote a great article at Advertising Age called: 10 Essential Rules for Brands in Social Media

My summary and additional thoughts of his article, focused on a campaign’s landing page is as follows:

  1. Your influential visitors drive traffic and conversion much more than other means of advertising, so cater to them.
  2. Modify your site a bit when the referring URL is from a social networking source
  3. Make it easy for your consumers to share your content, as opposed to you sharing it
  4. Make your site a destination worth visiting (content, contests, etc.) that includes social elements (Facebook Connect, etc.)
  5. Track your message as it gets shared across Twitter, email, and social sites. This way you will understand what truly becomes viral.
  6. Participate in social sites (share other’s content) so others are more apt to share your content 
  7. Email and IM are still very popular ways to share content, so make it easy to e-mail and IM each bit of content from your site. See this analysis from Tynt that shows email is by far the biggest driver of sharing
  8. Create content that is worth sharing! This can be games, videos, articles, quizzes, etc. (this is number 8 in Taddy’s list, but I think it is the most important one)
  9. Try to track your PR efforts. It can be tough, but you should understand the influence and ROI that it has.
  10. Aim to give customers the content they want (see number 8). Have this as your primary goal, not reach and engagement. Those can be lagging indicators of success and the number of times your content is shared can be the leading indicators.

Social Media and Microsoft

Yes, I work at Microsoft. My job is to bring value from new technologies to advertisers and increase their digital marketing spend with Microsoft in the process. A big focus for me is in regards to Social Media.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, Windows Live embraces social networking in a very big way. Read how Windows Live keeps your online updates together in one place for you.

Here are a few pointers to explain Microsoft’s current position on social media, which leverages Windows Live.

Social Media Advertising in Europe:

Windows Live is a social media destination. It provides a seamless, secure and personalised environment for users to plan, communicate and share. It is somewhere for people to share opinions, experiences, photos and more; where people choose to form communities, gather information and make arrangements. For advertisers it offers a unique role to inspire and influence where this consumer dialogue happens:  Windows Live Messenger, Windows Live Hotmail, Windows Live Sharing and Windows Live Mobile.

Social Media Advertising in the United States:

Microsoft Advertising helps its clients target consumers at the point of influence where—in the course of planning, living and sharing their lives—they are making and influencing purchasing decisions. We connect advertisers with consumers through social media sites and products like Windows Live Hotmail, Windows Live Messenger, Facebook, Digg and others. Key Benefits include:

  • Word-of-mouth advertising is increasing at 30 percent or more per year and is forecasted to hit $3.7B in ad revenue by 2011.2
  • Word of mouth and viral marketing recommendations from friends and family have the greatest influence on online purchase decisions compared to other recommendation sources.3
  • Microsoft’s web properties and services are used by 688.2 million people in an average month globally.4

My Social Life

Here is my latest list of various locations I participate in Social Media (click on the image to go there):

I maintain all of my photos, files, friends, and links to other social networks from my Windows Live profile.
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Social media and brands in East Africa

The East African news site Building brands via social media indicates that even East African companies are using Facebook and Twitter, not just western countries.

5 Things You Need to Know About Location-Based Social Media

5 Things You Need to Know About Location-Based Social Media

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Latest Social Media Trends

I am really enjoying Tom Smith’s presentations on slieshare about social media trends. Below are my 3 favorites.