The Social Media 201 event was chock full of interesting tidbits and suggestions. Heidi Miller summarizes the event, including the following tidbits:

  • Fish where the fish are.–Eric Weaver. Find where your audience is and engage them in that space.
  • The brands with the best stories win.
  • KnowEm is a nifty tool that will grab your brand name across social media channels.–Darren Williger
  • I would disagree that "getting value" out of social media is the same as "monetization."
  • "It is personal. And it is business. And it touches people’s lives."–Mike Whitmore
  • Mine the neutral. Engage with posters of neutral brand mentions and ask for more opinions and information.
  • "Engagement" is the new "um".–Barbara Evans
  • Don’t ever wait to be invited. Call up and ask if you can come.–Barbara Evans
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    One thought on “Social Media 201 recap

    1. Thank you for posting about the conference Brian. There were a lot of really smart speakers at the event – and a HUGE amount of information for attendees to digest.

      There should be a video of the event floating around somewhere …

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