I am working to establish my name on the Internet, which is an important step when working in social media since it begins with real people making connections with other real people, then listening and engaging. From that you can start discussing products and brands.

I have www.BrianGroth.com, twitter.com/BrianGroth, e-mail at BrianGroth@hotmail.com, this blog, briangroth.wordpress.com, and I’ve reserved my name in a variety of other services too. 

I’m still working on my “voice” and what people should think of when they think of Brian Groth. But roughly, here’s what I’m going for:

Technology & Marketing: Consider me a technologist. Or maybe a marketing guy. Either way, I love being the bridge between the business guys and the technical guys: I’m good at understanding both and translating between them to create new and innovative ideas and solutions that satisfy my customer and ultimately makes them more successful.

The Environment: I do what I can to help our overpopulated planet, such as driving very little and buying sustainable fish. That’s just two examples, but my environmental mantra that drives me is: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rethink, Replant

Me Personally: I like to take adventures as often as possible and learn something new every day. This includes: Experiencing the world, snow skiing, snow boarding, snow shoeing, sea kayaking, mt. biking, hiking, playing with dogs, discovering new music, creating software solutions, and playing with the latest technology


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