Measuring your social media efforts

Great post by Amber Naslund about ROI and measuring the results of your social media efforts. The best one is that you need to start with clear goals, with a link to an entry about creating measurable objectives.


Watch BBC Shows with your Messenger friends


Check out Angus Logan’s blog for the details regarding how the new BBC iPlayer integrates Windows Live Messenger into the experience.

Microsoft KIN social media marketing case study

A case study of Microsoft Kins social media activity. Covering the Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other social media platform elements.

via Microsoft Kin social media marketing a case study.

Tips for your web site

Right from the Web 2.0 Expo are 10 Insights for Your Site from Web 2.0 – Microsoft Advertising Blog – Microsoft Advertising Community.

Social Media is Changing the Game

Thanks to Judy Shapiro for a great article that lists some great examples of social media changing the game for some businesses:

  • How search will merge real-time social media;
  • How many industries, like the music business, are re-engineering itself to be a social business, with sites like DIY Musician providing examples of new distribution systems sans the record labels;
  • How consumer-electronics companies like Samsung are building social-media capabilities into their products, which then become the focus for their ad campaigns;
  • How direct marketing is merging with social media: social e-mail marketing;
  • How the media business is being driven by social media; Clay Shirky weighing in on the new media environment;
  • How crowdsourcing is making its way into product development so that even P&G recently noted that 35% of new products came from customers and partners;
  • How sales and CRM and are all becoming organized along a newer paradigm called The Social Enterprise: A Case For Disruptive Transformation
  • My Quick Guide to Social Media

    I have finally shared something on Slideshare, and it happens to be my guide to social media. This includes tips for the earned media, owned media, and paid media. I use all my own sites as examples just for fun.

    5 tips in social media for C-level executives

    From comes five good tips for executives to keep in mind, but they are useful for anyone establishing their personal brand online. My summary is:

    1. Go where the people are: just like the big TV networks, you should also be seen on the big social networks

    2. Invest in people: take the time to communicate with people, not just announce products

    3. Be a subject matter expert: share what you know and what you find interesting about your subject

    4. Make it personal: let people know who you are and what you care about

    5. Don’t neglect internal social media: employees can benefit from social media technologies (building communities, discovering new content, etc.) and SharePoint is the tool that Microsoft uses heavily to let this successfully happen within our firewall.

    Today is the Best Day of My Life

    TodayHayley Price is energetic and shares her approach to life in her book “Today is the Best Day of My Life”. Social media is all about connecting with people and the principles in Hayley’s book can certainly help with your approach to connecting with people.

    HOW TO: Make the Most of Your Twitter Profile Page

    HOW TO: Make the Most of Your Twitter Profile Page

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    Viral Red Bull Video

    I don’t even know if Red Bull is doing anything other making this video available, which is impressive from a viral marketing point of view. It is on YouTube a few times and on Vimeo, but I haven’t looked anywhere else. More impressive are the jumps though, which proves only great content goes viral. It is of course leading up to the Red Bull Stratos Project.