Thanks to Judy Shapiro for a great article that lists some great examples of social media changing the game for some businesses:

  • How search will merge real-time social media;
  • How many industries, like the music business, are re-engineering itself to be a social business, with sites like DIY Musician providing examples of new distribution systems sans the record labels;
  • How consumer-electronics companies like Samsung are building social-media capabilities into their products, which then become the focus for their ad campaigns;
  • How direct marketing is merging with social media: social e-mail marketing;
  • How the media business is being driven by social media; Clay Shirky weighing in on the new media environment;
  • How crowdsourcing is making its way into product development so that even P&G recently noted that 35% of new products came from customers and partners;
  • How sales and CRM and are all becoming organized along a newer paradigm called The Social Enterprise: A Case For Disruptive Transformation
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