Mashable Media Summit 2010

On Tuesday, I attended the Mashable Media Summit 2010 in New York and wanted to share a few observations from the conference.

  • Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley mentioned that they are working on a self-serve model so advertisers can create badges for users to unlock. This is certainly the more creative way for advertisers to interact with consumers. Imagine seeing consumers work to earn an ad (aka, a badge). That’s essentially what Foursquare users are doing now for regular Foursquare badges.
  • Lessons learned: 10 social web content urban legends from Ricky Van Veen at
  • Starbucks: Their TV commercials and print advertising are important too and often tie in with their social causes and social media efforts.
  • Advertising: A couple of presenters and attendees I chatted to agree with the idea that you need advertising to capture a large audience when building your network on a social media services.
  • Free Android phone: Motorola surprised the crowd with a free Android phone for every attendee to promote Motoblur, their social media integration in the UI of their Android phones. They gave everyone a version that was ready to go for that person’s carrier. I’m on AT&T so I got the Backflip and have tested it out. It is a nice phone, but the camera is annoyingly slow and the keyboard is too flat (can’t feel the keys). I’ll hold off for Windows Phone 7 before replacing my old HTC Fuze, but at least I can test out Android applications now.
  • Celebrities: It was fun to see Edward Norton discuss Crowdrise, which looks very interesting and promising and Baratunde Thurston from The Onion was a personal highlight for me, since I love their comedy (or is it real news?).
  • Photos:
  • Recap and videos:
  • Twitter feed from the conference to read what was being "reported" in real-time:

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