Tom Funk has shared “Twelve Tips for Successful Tweeting” that are very good to remember, specifically

3) Establish your specialty. Your Twitter feed should ride the coattails of a bigger, more passionate lifestyle and social mission, represented by the market you serve. Imagine you’re writing little items for a fascinating lifestyle magazine in your niche. @organic_valley, a Wisconsin cooperative of 1,300 organic family farms, is not just hawking the products made by its farmers; it’s also sounding off on a wide range of topics related to world hunger, nutrition, deforestation, the impact of pesticides, bioengineering, and more.
4) Post frequently. Twitter is voracious. It demands at least daily postings to amount to anything. Keep it brief, don’t overthink it, but feed it. Get into the habit. If you establish a seven-posts a week schedule for Facebook, say, plan to come up with 15 or 20 posts a week for Twitter. If you’ve done a good job of establishing your specialty above, you can simply set up news alerts to be informed of new developments in your market. Summarize them in less than 140 characters and point a link to the article. You should also echo on Twitter every promotional e-mail you send out and every company blog post you make.

Check out the rest of the article for the other 10 tips.

Thanks to Smart Brief on Social Media for the link.


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