Forbes has a great article about How To Create A Customer Advocacy Program

While there is quite a bit of information out there suggesting you figure out a game plan (aka, strategy tied to your marketing and CRM efforts), listen first, find influencers, manage long-term relationships, and be genuine. However, the article has two great suggestions for those influencers that I summarize as:

  • Provide them with graphical “badges” they can put on their blogs, email signatures, T-shirts, and business cards as they become extended ambassadors to your brand. Microsoft MVP program showcases their advocates, and provides them with a variety of resources to evangelize.
  • Integrate them into your business, such as for product planning or presenting at industry events on your behalf.

Both of these will help your influencers gain more fans of their own, which probably will help their own business but also let them know that you recognize their good work and devotion to your brand.

Thanks to @tamar for the tip.


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