SwarmAwarenessNetworks has a good document about how enterprise marketers can leverage Foursquare. They have 10 good tips, but most of those are focused on businesses that own physical stores. These are:

  1. Own your venue on Foursquare
  2. Utilize the tips feature
  3. Follow your visitors
  4. Market your participation so people know you’re active on Foursquare
  5. Promote check-ins
  6. Offer specials for being a mayor, earning a badge, etc.
  7. Manage your Foursquare page as you do your Facebook and other pages (it is another Owned Media)
  8. Reward your customer’s loyalty
  9. Identify and engage with your most frequent customers
  10. Offer specials for someone’s first checkin

To further this thinking, I suggest that brands that don’t own a location can sponsor locations. For example, Coca-Cola could sponsor a public park and anyone who checks in could get a special Coca-Cola badge (you have to work with Foursquare to build these) or work out a deal with vendors in the park to offer a discount on a Coke if someone has checked in. A cheaper option would be to spread the word in the community that you’re throwing a swarm badge (pictured above) party, which means that if more than 50 people attend and check in, they get the swarm badge in Foursquare.


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