I’ve previously posted about Silverlight technologies (DeepZoom & Photosynth) and Windows Azure, part of Microsoft’s cloud computing efforts. David Rousset has just written a great article that showcases how a Windows Phone 7 application, using Silverlight and XNA, can read and write to Windows Azure.  

Why should you care about this if you’re in marketing?

  1. User Experience: Mobile applications are taking off and there are mobile experiences that can be co-branded or completely owned by your brand. As long as the app provides value to the user, it will be used. XNA (XNA for WP7) and Silverlight offer a platform on the phone (and PC) to create great user experiences. Read here to learn which one is right for your application.  
  2. Reduce Costs: Creating an application that uses cloud computing means you don’t have to deal with hosting or maintaining your own servers, and with Azure, you can quickly deploy updates and it can automatically scale. This all means less down time and reduced costs.
  3. Windows Phone 7 will certainly get quite a bit of hype when it releases, and I predict that it will sell very well around the world (or in whatever markets it ships in) <disclaimer>I work at Microsoft and can’t wait to get my WP7 phone</disclaimer>

If you are developing for Windows Phone 7, then check out all of the great resources to help you get started in addition to David Rousset’s blog, which I can’t recommend enough. 


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