Microsoft SharePoint 2010 makes it easier to work together and has a great summary of SharePoint 2010, which is an important product for marketers for the following high-level reasons:

  1. Make Better Decisions: Connect it to your line-of-business applications to pull out just the information that your marketers need, such as your available budget.
  2. Share: Securely share and collaborate on documents with co-workers so you don’t have multiple versions going through e-mail.
  3. Social Computing: For the large companies, you can network and discover projects and co-workers you didn’t know about just like you can on the Internet via social networking services. You can even have your own blogs wikis hosted on SharePoint.
  4. Business intelligence (BI) dashboards to allow you to see your key performance indicators (KPIs) and drill into them to understand what’s driving the trends in your KPIs.

The e-week article highlights some great developer tips, but if you want to dig into what SharePoint can offer your business, I suggest starting with SharePoint’s list of capabilities.


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