BrianGroth Tweetcloud on Aug 23 2010

If you’re managing a brand and just starting out on Twitter, these are a couple of tools that I’d suggest you start with.

I’m not going to cover the various Twitter clients that you can use to manage your daily tweets, but you can search for them on Bing.

To start out on Twitter, you’ll want to find people discussing your brand or topics related to your brand. I suggest you get going with these two resources (I have no affiliation to them):

Step 1: Find words associated to your brand with The image I show here is my personal TweetCloud as right now – it shows all the things I tweet about. Let’s say I manage the Windows Live brand, I could search for Windows Live and see all of the top words associated in tweets next to the words “Windows Live”. Pull out the largest words for step 2.

Step 2: Search for people talking about your brand and the words related to your brand with Enter a word you found in step1 into BlastFollow and instantly add everyone talking about that word to the list of people you follow on Twitter. For example, a top word for Windows Live on TweetCloud is Messenger, so if I enter Messenger into BlastFollow, I see that 144 people have been using the word Messenger in their tweets and that I can quickly add them to the people I follow on Twitter.

Those are two simple steps to follow people on Twitter talking about your brand or about topics related to your brand.

I’m @BrianGroth on Twitter if you’d like to follow me. Smile


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