My day job has me focused on Microsoft technologies that advertisers and marketers can leverage in unique and interesting ways, which also means I need to be up on the latest social media services since it’s a hot topic for advertisers. However, I don’t personally manage a product brand, just my own personal brand (aka, my network). I thought you might find it useful to know what tools I use to manage Twitter as a regular person growing my network (my personal brand).

Purpose Service Twitter Account
Reciprocate (follow my followers) after seeing if they’re a real person @tweepi
Schedule future tweets I switch between the Tweetdeck client and @twaitter
URL shortner that gives me click stats @bitly
Share photos, with click stats (pageviews) @twitpic
Auto-reply when someone follows me (aka, my "welcome DM") @socialoomph
Find old tweets (not just recent ones via and their partners using the firehose API) @topsy
Analysis of my archive of tweets  
Get e-mail listing people who have stopped following me. Seeing this helps me know if I’ve lost a friend or a bot/spammer. If a friend, I can ask them why. @useqwitter
Get e-mail listing people who have started following me. It shows who has stopped following me too, but is nice in that it only shows me my quitters. @nutshellmail
See who I communicate with most often, which is good for finding people to call out for #FriendFriday  
Follow my co-workers at Microsoft @comtweets
Measure how influential I am on Twitter (is curiosity or ego?)  and for a bit of a complex, but interesting analysis especially now that that they also use Microsoft Pivot at and  @twitalyzer and @klout
Quick statistics of my Twitter usage @TheCounter
Capture all my activities from various social networking services that I participate in. I don’t refer to it much, but a few people subscribe to it. @friendfeed
Automatic tweeting of my blog entries and shared items from Google Reader. (Note: Google throttles the amount of updates Twitterfeed can grab, so not all shared items get tweeted immediately. From my testing of, they probably throttle that service too). @twfeed

Updated on August 26, 2010 with and a note about


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