As promised, I’ve pulled together my view of the social gaming industry. You can get the full presentation on slideshare here, but my summary is this:

  1. Moving forward, almost all games will have a social hook
  2. Brands & Social Gaming: This is still very early days, but options include In-game advertising, custom branded games a sponsoring existing games

And my recommendations for brand advertisers is that games in general, social or not, have a large and engaged audience that will continue to get more and more social. Brands should be part of this, therefore:

  • Alignment: Align your social gaming plans with your overall brand strategy and goals. The social game plans may simply be part of your overall social plans too
  • Test the Social Networks: Test a branded game in your Facebook or MySpace page or as a connection point from a branded game to these networks
  • Test the Social Games: Look into the options for advertising within social games, such as FarmVille and others
  • Advertise (Paid Media):
    • Leverage existing in-game advertising to get your brand seen during game-play
    • Leverage online banner and search advertising to drive a large audience to your social game efforts
  • Measure, analyze and improve your advertising efforts in social games

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