Social Gaming for Brand Advertisers

As promised, I’ve pulled together my view of the social gaming industry. You can get the full presentation on slideshare here, but my summary is this:

  1. Moving forward, almost all games will have a social hook
  2. Brands & Social Gaming: This is still very early days, but options include In-game advertising, custom branded games a sponsoring existing games

And my recommendations for brand advertisers is that games in general, social or not, have a large and engaged audience that will continue to get more and more social. Brands should be part of this, therefore:

  • Alignment: Align your social gaming plans with your overall brand strategy and goals. The social game plans may simply be part of your overall social plans too
  • Test the Social Networks: Test a branded game in your Facebook or MySpace page or as a connection point from a branded game to these networks
  • Test the Social Games: Look into the options for advertising within social games, such as FarmVille and others
  • Advertise (Paid Media):
    • Leverage existing in-game advertising to get your brand seen during game-play
    • Leverage online banner and search advertising to drive a large audience to your social game efforts
  • Measure, analyze and improve your advertising efforts in social games

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