Scott Brinker has a great article on about his reoccurring idea of having a Chief Marketing Technologist. A few notable quotes:

  • marketing has become deeply entwined with technology
  • marketing must officially take ownership of its technology platforms and strategies
  • the software you adopt now plays a significant role in defining your organization’s capabilities
  • those software choices you make are not independent of each other
  • it’s hard to be agile in a technology-powered environment without native technical talent on your team
  • technology expertise must become a native part of marketing’s identity

Scott suggests that this person report to the CMO and have three primary responsibilities:

  1. Choreograph all the disparate technologies under marketing’s umbrella
  2. Nurture a growing technology subculture within marketing, raising the department’s overall technical proficiency
  3. Collaborate with the CMO on strategy, translating the CMO’s vision into technology with high fidelity — while also inspiring the shape of that vision by advocating for what new technology can enable

This goes perfectly with my recent blog entry “Demystifying Technology” and that “Marketing Must Control Its Technological Destiny”, which references Scott’s previous thoughts on the CMT role.


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