Brand Advertisers Using Location-Based Services

I work with advertisers who usually don’t have their own locations/stores but I also look at the latest and greatest digital efforts that these advertisers are leveraging. Recently I’ve been looking at Location-Based Services (LBS) and how these brand advertisers are using LBS. Here are 9 examples I’ve found.

  1. Coca-Cola on Foursquare:
  2. Red Bull on Facebook Places:
  3. Warner Bros. on Foursquare:
  4. HBO on Foursquare:
  5. Tasti D-Lite on Foursquare:
  6. Eye-Fi on Gowalla:
  7. AT&T on SCVNGR:
  8. Virgin America on Loopt:
  9. Nike’s Own Location-Based Game:

I have also put these into a presentation with more details at See: Examples of Brand Advertisers using LBS

If you have other examples, please leave a comment. 


2 Responses

  1. […] and Facebook Places can do for brands without a physical location. This is in line with the short list I created of brands using location-based services. In the spirit of sharing and helping each other learn, here are a few of the better resources […]

  2. […] helping local businesses is just a hobby. I’m interested in what brands do with Foursquare and other social media services. (I work at Microsoft helping large brand […]

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