One of the challenges for a marketing technopologist is the division between the marketing and IT organizations in a company. Below are 4 simple questions related to social media that teams in the CIO and CMO organizations could ask each other to help bring these two organizations closer together. Since I know Microsoft products the best (I do work there) I have used those as examples here.

Content Management System (CMS)

  • Marketing publishes content to social media sites
  • IT purchases and maintains CMS for the business, such as SharePoint
  • Questions to ask: Is Marketing using IT’s CMS system to manage workflow, approval and final publishing of content to Facebook, YouTube and others?

Business Intelligence (BI) System

  • Marketing analyzes sentiment and trends across social media services
  • IT builds data warehouses and easy-to-use BI systems, such as those based on SQL Server with Excel templates with connections to OLAP cubes
  • Questions to ask: Is IT involved in aggregating this data for different business units to leverage?

Customer Relation Management (CRM)

  • Marketing tracks and engages with advocates, influencers, potential customers and upset customers
  • IT maintains a CRM platform that integrates with Outlook and/or Dynamics CRM 
  • Questions to ask: Are contacts in social media being identified as customer in the CRM system?

Branded Web Sites and Mobile Applications

  • Marketing builds branded web sites and mobile applications for consumers to have an engaging experience with the brand
  • IT maintains web servers, such as those running Windows Server with IIS
  • Questions to ask: Are the marketing web sites and web services managed, scalable and version controlled?

While these aren’t creative marketing solutions, they are realities for many people in marketing and IT departments. I argue that understanding the marketing needs and the related IT systems is a core competency of a marketing technopologist.

What are your thoughts?


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