question@RickardBorjel recently asked me about the difference between a Technologist and a Marketing Technopologist and I promised to answer it in a blog entry. Someone please contact me if you agree,  disagree or have something else to add that will help explain it. I’ll narrow it down to Marketing Technologist and Marketing Technopologist, in an attempt to make it more relevant to you, me, and others in marketing who are (hopefully!) reading my blog.

Marketing Technologist: This person understands technology and how to apply it to solve business and/or marketing problems. It requires a base level understanding of a variety of technologies, staying on top of new technologies and a base level understanding of business and marketing – think of your business acumen, marketing strategies, and so on.

Marketing Technopologist: This person brings together the strengths of marketing, technology and social interaction. Or to put it another way, this is a Marketing Technologist who also understands how and why people interact and share. This should be at a base level (anthropology) and via social networks. 

To add to these definitions, within large corporations it is also necessary to understand what the IT department has to offer, what they can’t/won’t offer and how solutions should be created and supported. This topic spans the organizational skills required to get things done within a corporation, but also understanding policies which may be in place and budgeting limitations. I’ll refer to this as Corporate Marketing Technopology.

Here’s an example to pull it all together: Let’s assume you are trying to create a great experience for people to engage with your brand while on the go (the business challenge) and that this will be a long-term solution offered for your brand. Mobile applications, as opposed to mobile web sites, offer great immersive/interactive experiences and on Windows Phone 7 these can be built in Silverlight (your IT developers already work in Visual Studio and build Silverlight apps). So you may consider solving your business challenge with a Windows Phone 7 application, but you will also want to assess the mobile behavior of your target audience and the advertising you will use to capture/entice that audience (the marketing strategy). But you also need to consider how the mobile user can incorporate the social graph within the application to bring friends to the experience and share with them later, plus how current social media efforts can be used to drive awareness of this app when it releases.

The example touches on the need for business acumen, marketing strategy, an understanding social media and technical capabilities. Do you have other examples?


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