Dan Zarella (http://danzarrella.com/) gave a great presentation regarding Social Media Science (#SMSci is the Twitter hashtag) where he has data focused on Twitter and Facebook that backs his key takeaways, which are categorized into three categories which are the topics:

1. Try lots of campaigns and iterate on what works.
2. Audience size does matter: Spread your message to as many people as possible.
3. Find and target your influencers.

1. Bigger and louder works – to a point.
2. Personalize: talk to your audience (be human)
3. Avoid link fatigue: don’t tweet links more than once per hour

1. Help your audience look cool: Give them something cool to share
2. Don’t let information voids form and spread about your brand. If they do, jump on it with real info.
3. Use combined relevance: That is, combine two different ideas into one
4. Don’t forget calls-to-action: Use a request or question

You can view a variety of his “Science of” presentations at http://danzarrella.com/speaking#


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