I have been reviewing what Foursquare and Facebook Places can do for brands without a physical location. This is in line with the short list I created of brands using location-based services. In the spirit of sharing and helping each other learn, here are a few of the better resources I’ve found:

Foursquare Resources
Overall: Use Foursquare to engage your increasingly mobile customers with foursquare "Specials".

Overall: Facebook Deals generate awareness, encourage in-store traffic and build customer loyalty.

You might be wondering why a guy from Microsoft is working on this… the answer is simply because I know some of our brand advertisers are looking into these services so I want to understand and help. After all, if they’re thinking about using a location-based service, then they’re ready to be thinking about mobile advertising and geo-targeted advertising on both the PC and mobile. Microsoft has the engaged audience and experiences to help drive those mobile and local efforts.


One thought on “A Few Resources for Location-Based Services

  1. Hi Brian–

    Thanks for the mention in your resource list! It will be interesting to see how FB deals vs. 4sq deals will pan out. I know I wish there were more good 4sq deals from brands because I like that platform better.

    And, I don’t like the fact that one type of FB deal encourages brands to set up a deal based on who else you check into a place on FB– which is a feature that I think is awful and has the potential to be an issue.

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