In my recent blog entry, Technologies for Marketing Technopologists, I posed the question “What technologies do you suggest today’s marketers need to understand?”. I’m happy to provide two completely different updates:

(1) Know The APIs: The other day, Kipp Bodnar wrote “A Marketer’s Guide to APIs’” (thanks to @andressilvaa for tweeting it). Kip explains APIs as the key to “facilitate the data needed to provide solutions to customer problems.”

While knowing APIs might be a bit much for many marketers, I’ve always found it useful to have at least a broad understanding of them when discussing with your engineers/developers about what you would like to have built.

(2) Know Your Customer: I also posted the question to Quora where Nicole Osborne added Facebook and Twitter as essential tools for today’s marketer plus HTML5 and javascript. However, she quite appropriately pointed out that “technology is the minor issue compared to understanding what your audience are doing”. I completely agree: Understanding your customer’s needs, wants and desires is task number 1 for any marketer (and developer), then knowing how to reach them is task number 2.   

What other technologies or APIs do you suggest today’s marketers need to understand?


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