You’re in marketing, involved with social media, but where do you advertise your brand? It’s about time I explain a bit about the products I represent at Microsoft: Microsoft’s Social Media Advertising, or more specifically, Microsoft Advertising’s Rich Media Social Features. These include: 

  • Social Polls that invite people to share their votes in response to brand-sponsored questions.
  • Social Streams that display positive messages from Twitter and other commenting platforms about an advertiser or campaign. Get accurate, immediate reporting on click-through rates, engagements, and Tweets.
  • Social Video Players that enable people to easily repost videos to Facebook, Twitter and Windows Live using built-in icons.
  • Social Momentum that utilizes the power of peer influence to reinforce a call to action. Create a dynamic ad with socially relevant messages that show the popularity of a product in a person’s community.
  • Social Hubs that inspire people to engage with your brand. You can pick and choose a mix of Microsoft Advertising’s Rich Media Social Features that work for you—and your audience.

This is just the beginning and I’ll report more as we release new offerings.


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