BrianGroth Foursquare Ambassador CardI’ve blogged about brands using Foursquare before, and now I’m a Foursquare Ambassador to help explain to local businesses in Seattle why they might want to be on Foursquare.

However, helping local businesses is just a hobby. I’m interested in what brands do with Foursquare and other social media services. (I work at Microsoft helping large brand advertisers and agencies keep up with the latest in social advertising.)

To help both of these efforts, I’ve compiled a list of resources to be of help for both brand managers and venue managers:

I manage a brand, not a venue, what should I do?

What else should a brand manager, venue owner or consumer know about Foursquare?

Please let me know if you know of other great Foursquare resources or examples of brands using Foursquare.


6 thoughts on “Foursquare Resources for Brand Managers

  1. Hi Brian–

    Great post and thanks for including my post on creating effective 4sq specials! I would love to see big brands continue to embrace 4sq as an effective marketing channel, like Bravo has.

    Congrats on being an Ambassador!

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