Foursquare Day Seattle

I’m helping organize Foursquare Day for Seattle and you can sign up here if you want to join us. As you may know from my blog, I think location-based services are a new and interesting tactic for marketers. Eventually, they will get easier and more automated so more consumers adopt them, which will entice venues and brands to leverage them more. With Foursquare, businesses have a variety of specials to offer customers to help achieve the following:

  1. Acquire new customers (get them in the door)
  2. Get repeat customers (get them back again)
  3. Acquire more customers (get them to bring their friends)

The Foursquare Indy team (The Foursquare source for Indiana) had a great blog post that summarize the different specials, which I’ve summarized here:

  • Swarm Special will display this note: “Unlocked: for swarms of X people (Up to XX per day)”
  • Friends Special will display this note: “Unlocked: for X friends checking in together”
  • Flash Special will display this note: “Unlocked: for the first X people after X:XX AM or PM”
  • Newbie Special will display this note: “Unlocked: on your 1st check-in”
  • Check-in Special will display this note: “Unlocked: every check-in”
  • Loyalty Special:
    • Every X Check-ins
    • When a customer checks-in exactly X times
    • When a customer has checked in X or more times in the past X days
    • Special will display text relating to those details.
  • Mayor Special: Special will display this note: “Unlocked: X for the mayor”

If you’re in the Seattle area, please sign up at and come by and say hi. I’ll be one of the guys wearing some sort of Foursquare logo. And yes, I still work at Microsoft. And no, I have nothing to do with Foursquare.


Location-Based Services + Q&A Services

If you’re reading my blog, then you’re already familiar with Foursquare, Facebook Places, Gowalla and other location-based services. You’re probably even familiar with Q&A sites like Quora and Programmer’s StackExchange (probably others) for asking questions.

What if your questions were related to locations? In other words, what if you merged these two concepts?

That’s what a few people are doing now with:

It will be interesting to see if these take off as their own service alongside the existing location-based services and Q&A services, or if they will merge together somehow.