Social Advertising is what I refer to the advertising that takes place on social media services (aka, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter). I see it as the paid media that social media marketers use to grow their communities and spark conversations. Microsoft has a few offerings in this space, but most people think only of Facebook and Twitter. However, I’m watching with interest as this industry grows to help advertisers tap into social media. I have no relationships with any of these companies listed below, nor do I endorse any of them, but this is my current list of players involved in social advertising (in no particular order):

  • RadiumOne: Their ShareGraph service looks at how clusters of close friends interact on Facebook, namely those who are interacting regularly as opposed to those who are distant friends on Facebook or merely acquaintances. The service uses this information to deliver ads to users for brands and products that their friends like.
  • Klout Perks: Allowing advertisers to have influential people on Twitter share their message. There’s a good overview at
  • Users can get paid when sharing likes with friends and followers. Advertisers pay these "social publishers" (people on social media services) when they share it with their audience.
  • LinkBucks allows you to make cash from the links your users post, from the links you place on your website, or from the posts you make in a forum.
  • WebTrends: Create conversation funnels for Facebook campaigns to track and optimize campaigns. This is via their Webtrends Apps Facebook Ads Conversion Funnel . Post to adloopz, it gets shared across social networks, you measure the impact.
  • BLiNQ: Experience unprecedented hyper-targeting, performance and reporting with BLiNQ Media’s fully-managed media and BAM (BLiNQ Ad Manager) technology offering for global Facebook campaign creation, management and optimization. BLiNQ Media has pioneered Social Engagement Advertising℠ and CPSA℠ (Cost Per Social Action℠) optimized campaigns to drive new levels of performance and scale on Facebook.
  • Sensierge: A Personal Cloud Service, focused on few of the most important things around the Contextual Internet; Contextual Marketing, Involving Games, Social Advertising, Public Screens and Augmented Reality. All ubiquitously connected in Mobile, to enable highly personalized service, whether it being about Location, Personal Wishes, Needs or Social Network connections and statuses. I copied this from
  • Clickable: A Facebook ad automation tool: Clickable Pro, the company’s flagship bid management tool, now allows advertisers to create up to 8,000 ads at once. When the Facebook Advertising Suite debuted in January, it could only support up to 32 ads simultaneously. The tool publishes up to 10 Facebook ads per minute, with about 600 new Facebook ads per hour delivered to the queue. I copied that from
  • FuzzAgent: A system that directly enters into the advertising monetization in social networks in such a specific way by trying to provide the possibility for the people, who have already gained their online authority, created popular fan webpages or have Twitter accounts that are very popular and have many friends, to capitalize their online activity.

Obviously, there is a variety of offerings in the social advertising space. Some make it easier to buy ads on Facebook, or manage ads across services, or get your message out through influentials, or try to get your message directly into the Facebook and Twitter streams in other ways.

However you approach it, these are examples of paid media that social media marketers can use to grow their communities and spark conversations. I’m sure we will see more and more solutions as advertising continues to embrace social media.

I find this to be an interesting and growing space in the advertising industry, so please let me know if you’re aware of other social advertising solutions.


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    1. Whoops, my bad, Brian! Won’t be forgetting you though this as I’ve bookmarked your fine research in Delicious.

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