Good Content is Social

I often tell people that only the good content gets shared, so advertisers need to think about their marketing campaigns in terms of content. Sometimes that’s just a banner ad, an advertorial, a landing page, a Facebook application, or maybe an entire publication dedicated to a brand and related topic.

This video does a great job explaining that from the point of view of a specific target audience. It’s from Jim Louderback and Brian Solis.


Internet Traffic: Netflix is 15x Facebook

Those of us who focus on social media and social advertising tend to get wrapped up in just how popular Facebook and Twitter are. It’s almost refreshing to see that all those movies I watch on Netflix are taking up more bandwidth on the Internet than all the social media sites I focus on. This comes via TechCrunch and Business Insider, but the data is from Sandvine:

chart of the day, netflix video streaming, may 2011