Overview and thoughts on Location-Based Services

When I co-hosted Foursquare Day Seattle back in April, I met a variety of interesting people, including Josh Holland from Nyhus (PR, AR & Social Media). We’ve stayed in touch mostly through the social media community in Seattle and he recently asked me to present to the Nyhus Seattle team. My goal was to introduce and explain Location Based Services (LBS) from a consumer and advertiser point of view and share my insights on where the LBS industry is going. They had some good questions about how to leverage Foursquare for PR purposes, which is still an untapped opportunity to take advantage of. Overall, presenting and talking to the Nyhys team made for an interesting and entertaining morning for me today. Thanks Josh and Roger!

You can see my presentation here:

Converging Technologies for LBS


Staying Up-To-Date on Social Advertising

While I fully admit to working at Microsoft, I also admit that Bing is by far my preferred search engine. And no, I don’t have to say that because I am an employee. Even my dad, who’s often a skeptic, is getting some of his friends to switch to Bing. I wonder if the Bing team knows he’s an influencer?

I find Bing’s news and social features to be very useful when I want to stay up-to-date on a topic. All I do is enter “Social Advertising”, with the quotes, into the Bing search box. Then when I see the results, I click the News tab.

I of course also subscribe to a variety of industry-related newsletters (social media and advertising ones). How do you stay up to date on social advertising?

Here’s what I got this morning (with my commentary in the bold red boxes):

Bing Social Advertising News Search Results

The entertaining part (if I don’t like the news I see) is the bottom right-hand box that continues to update in real time. Clicking on that URL will take you to the Public Updates for “Social Advertising” via Twitter.

In the upper-left hand corner are filters for related tweets and related blogs, which I’ve also pictured here:

Bing Social Advertising Summary


Bing Social Advertising Blogs

Word of Mouth Marketing

Neil Glassman just posted a great blog entry about Jonah Berger’s 7 Essential Aspects of Word of Mouth Marketing, which breaks down the word of mouth process into seven factors against which marketing initiatives can be designed and tested.

The seven aspects are:

  1. The brand advertises itself
  2. Sharing has some social currency
  3. There’s a practical value to the information
  4. Things that evoke strong emotions get talked about
  5. Brands can give us a common ground with strangers
  6. There are many triggers that can be leveraged
  7. Good stories get talked about

If you really want to dig into the science of Berger’s research, see: