While I fully admit to working at Microsoft, I also admit that Bing is by far my preferred search engine. And no, I don’t have to say that because I am an employee. Even my dad, who’s often a skeptic, is getting some of his friends to switch to Bing. I wonder if the Bing team knows he’s an influencer?

I find Bing’s news and social features to be very useful when I want to stay up-to-date on a topic. All I do is enter “Social Advertising”, with the quotes, into the Bing search box. Then when I see the results, I click the News tab.

I of course also subscribe to a variety of industry-related newsletters (social media and advertising ones). How do you stay up to date on social advertising?

Here’s what I got this morning (with my commentary in the bold red boxes):

Bing Social Advertising News Search Results

The entertaining part (if I don’t like the news I see) is the bottom right-hand box that continues to update in real time. Clicking on that URL will take you to the Public Updates for “Social Advertising” via Twitter.

In the upper-left hand corner are filters for related tweets and related blogs, which I’ve also pictured here:

Bing Social Advertising Summary


Bing Social Advertising Blogs


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