klout-perks-logo-lg[1]My Klout score is currently at 50 and I’m considered a conversationalist. This only means something to those of us who are really into the various social networking services out there, such as Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, LinkedIn and others. However, Klout does something interesting with all of this… they let advertisers send me stuff. This is through their Klout Perks program. Once you are a Klout user, you can sign up for perks.

So far, I have gotten a bottle Veev and box of different flavors of Metromint. I now tell my friends about both products because I actually like them. Before they appeared in the mail, I had never heard about either brand, let alone tasted either product. (I just accidently signed up for Metromint again while going to the perk’s URL http://klout.com/#/perk/Metromint/Metromint – I wonder if I’ll get a 2nd box of drinks?)

While this is not a new concept, the idea is that I must have some sort of influence in the world, or at least on the different social networks. That influence is what advertisers want: they want me to talk about their products. In other words, they’re trying to drive word of mouth.


Disclaimer: I work at Microsoft and don’t have anything to do with Klout, other than the fact that I use their service. However, I too try to help advertisers drive word of mouth, which you can read about at http://advertising.microsoft.com/social-media – it’s a different approach to get people talking about a product or brand compared to Klout Perks, but it also works quite well.


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