I just experienced something technically cool, which was new to me. I subscribe to Zune and use a Windows Phone, so it’s sometimes the device I use to listen to music. (I have a cool little speaker I hook up to it for good sound)

I also have Twitter set up to send me a text when @BrianGroth is mentioned in a tweet.

Today, I was listening to music on my phone when I got a text, which means my phone vibrated a bit. But then, the music paused and I heard a computerized voice tell me that I had received a text from 40404 (the number associated to Twitter). It was a tweet from a friend of mine. Windows Phone then asked me if I wanted it read it to me. I told it I did and it proceeded to read the message to me. It then asked if I wanted to speak a reply back! So I did, and said “thanks Shish”, which it recognized it perfectly. I told it to send it and then my phone went back to playing music.

So, I was able listen to and respond to a tweet via a text message, hands-free while listening to music. I think that’s pretty cool.


One thought on “Hands-Free Twitter via Windows Phone

  1. Hi Brian – I work for a personal injury law firm here in Houston, Texas and have been reading up a lot on hands-free technologies lately. It doesn’t seem like laws against texting and driving are all that effective – its simply too tempting to use your phone in the car. Perhaps the new hands-free developments will be a safer way to give people what they want which is a way to communicate while driving. Seems like the Windows phone is doing a pretty good job!

    Anyways, thanks for sharing! – Aly

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