After digging into the Facebook Exchange, I’ve gotten interested in the real-time bidding (RTB) industry in regards to mobile ad inventory. That of course includes ad inventory in apps and websites on smartphones and tablets, but the line between tablets and PCs blurs when it comes to Windows 8 devices. However, my interest is partially because eMarketer just reported that in regards to eCPM for mobile RTB inventory:

Mobile ad server and exchange MoPub reported that iPad full-screen interstitials were the most expensive RTB mobile format on their platform, followed by medium rectangles and iPad banners.

Of course a full-screen ad will be the most expensive, but it does show that mobile RTB can draw in big bucks. I wonder how Amazon’s Kindle HD is doing in regards to its new ad offerings? Related to tablet RTB, back in May, eMarketer reported that:

Accordant Media found worldwide RTB tablet inventory volume grew 472% in Q1 2012, and mobile RTB ad volume grew 289%.

I’d argue the future looks very good for Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) that either focus on mobile or have mobile-specific offerings, such as Rocket Fuel, Data Xu, WDA, MoPub, Accordant Media, Human Demand and probably many others,


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