Last month I had fun learning about so I wrote a blog entry with a variety of ideas to Programmatically Leverage Personality Types with Now I have another idea to add to the list, which was sparked by Vizify’s visicards.

First, I setup my own vizicard with the color to represent the dominant color from my Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) profile (quadrant A, the Rational Self, which is blue). Then, I set my Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, which is ISTJ. The result for me is this:

Brian Groth ISTJNow what if allowed me to enter my own personality type into their system? The benefit to me is that I could (through partners) see content and advertising that is related to my personality type. Also, could improve their own engine by comparing what I say online to my personality type. Maybe even flag outliers for me and ask me “you said this, which doesn’t match your personality type – is that normal for you?

However, I took these personality tests a couple of years before I started being active in social media, so I wonder if the old results match my online self?


2 thoughts on “Self-Selecting Personality Types for

  1. Brian – want to know your personality type (and compare it a few hundred others) based on your facebook activity? Hit this link: . We no longer maintain the app but it’s pretty dang good for the relevance problem statements you identify.

    We created this demo app for our API partners for SXSW2012. You have to auth through facebook can trust us.

  2. Thanks Jack. says I’m a Results-Focused person, which is true. It also says Jon Stewart and I are good matches to shop, work and travel together, which could be fun.

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