Real-time bidding (RTB), retargeting and programmatic buying are concepts that truly highlight the convergence of technology and marketing, which is a reoccurring theme on my blog. eMarketer, along with OpenX, just released an interesting summary of the concept in their Programmatic Buying Roundup whitepaper.

A few quotes worth noting are:

eMarketer estimates that 13% of total digital display ad spending went toward real-time bidding last year… This includes all display formats served to all devices.

29% of all digital display ad dollars will go to RTB this year

Last year’s opening of Facebook Exchange (FBX) helped push more dollars toward programmatic buying

Over half of media buyers … planned to increase their investments in site, search and Facebook Exchange retargeting

[Retargeting] is not about building up the brand or finding new prospects. It is a direct attempt to get the consumer through the final phases of the purchase funnel.

RTB for video and in-app mobile display ads are both growing extremely fast

Suffice to say, RTB for display ads is a hot area and as targeting and measurement capabilities improve, I expect it will continue to attract more and more advertisers. It will be interesting to watch how the industry, and specifically for me, Microsoft’s own ad exchange grow and improve over time.

If you’re interested in more details, I suggest you download the whitepaper.


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