In the books Daemon and Freedom, by Daniel Suarez, society is dividing between people who can wear glasses that are connected to what is essentially a social network. When wearing these glasses and looking at someone, you can see a score for the person, which represents how much others in society respect and value that individual.

Eventually, Klout and Google Glass or Vuzix could provide something similar, or at least start heading in that direction with the Klout Score that measures a person’s overall online influence. So Google Glass developers, please get going with the Klout API so once Google allows facial recognition, we can be one step closer to the world Daniel Suarez envisioned. 

But to take the concept of wearable technology further, I’m waiting for a future where we each have an API. Yes, I want the Brian Groth API so I can build apps based on what I am doing or eating, where I’m going, what I’m seeing/hearing/sensing, and how my body is working. I currently use a Nike+ Fuelband, but I’m considering switching to something like the FitBit Flex now that there is a good FitBit Tracker app for the Windows Phone, which monitors much more for me. 

Is anyone out there building the personal API?


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