For the analysts out there who haven’t embraced PowerPivot and Power View in Excel, there is a great tutorial to help you get started: PivotTable data analysis using a Data Model in Excel 2013.

However, if you just want the finished spreadsheet, I have created one that is the result of walking through the tutorial, with only two minor modifications:

  1. Worksheets have names and colors. The black worksheets originated as data from other spreadsheets or databases
  2. The "Count of SalesKey" calculated field has a KPI attached to it and can be seen in the Pivot Table

There are numerous things that should be done to clean up the spreadsheet and make the pivot table more useable, but it’s a good example to start with.

You can download the Contoso PowerPivot Example from  (64.6MB)

If you find this useful, please add a comment and let me know.


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