The need for sales enablement

the-case-for-sales-enablement-investment-infographicThe American Society of Training and Development (ASTD) recently had a Sales Enablement Webinar Series and gathered some interesting metrics, such as:

88% of executives want conversations, not presentations. This means they want a sales rep to work with them to solve a problem or create an opportunity, not pitch them a product.

96% of world class companies have a formalized value proposition that is seen as compelling to their customers, versus 31% of all companies

But, 26% of the companies in the survey feel that their sales reps don’t achieve their quota due to an inability to communicate the value message. To help a few startups I’ve met, I recently put together a quick guide to create their value proposition

89% of world class companies feel their sales and marketing organizations are aligned in what their customers want and need, versus 26% of all companies

Plus, 13% of the companies in the survey feel that their sales reps don’t achieve their quota due to having insufficient leads. I don’t see this as a terrible number, but better alignment between sales and marketing can improve it.

More interesting metrics from the survey are on the Brainshark blog.


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Sales Enablement Best Practices

imageI recently had the opportunity to participate in a webinar and discuss the challenges involved with sales enablement. I was lucky enough to be joined by 3 experts in the area:

I’m in the upper-right corner with the purple paisley shirt. And yes, that’s the type of thing I often wear. Watch both parts to gain some insight and learn a few best practices:

My next step to enable sales

My last blog entry was a bit of a long-winded way of explaining myself and what I can provide future employers. So, here’s a shorter version that’s much more to the point with my key strengths broken out:

1. I’m a sales professional in the software/tech industry with significant experience at developing new opportunities and enabling sales and partners to win deals.

2. Plus, I thrive at bridging business and technology needs and capabilities for customers and partners.

3. This includes building teams and delivering programs that help communities, customers, partners and sales teams improve.

4. The top services I can provide any company include:
· Turning a value proposition into sales materials (pitch, demo, training, etc.)
· Creating, presenting and training sales on product demonstrations
· Creating competitive sales objection handling materials
· Finding qualified leads through in-person and online networking
· Creating and driving the full sales cycle from lead management through sales opportunities and customer service afterwards

5. I am actively seeking a management or individual contributor role that will directly engage with customers or partners, develops innovative technical solutions, leads strategic sales, customer, or partner programs, or manages overall business operations.

6. I’m in San Francisco and you can contact me at