Tracking Event Invitations Via

I co-host a marketing-focused networking group in San Francisco with my friend Thom, which we do on behalf of the Digital Doughnut group in London. I experimented using Twitter as the primary marketing channel for our most recent event and used to track the traffic. Here’s what I did and the results:

  1. After we created our event on, I created a link to track where traffic came from
  2. We then created an event on Facebook and Google+, which pointed to the link, and I blogged about it here. But, we didn’t really promote the event on any platform other than Twitter and through personal e-mails. One of our members shared it once on LinkedIn once, as did the Digital Doughnut guys via their Digital Marketing group.
  3. For Twitter, I used TweetDeck to schedule tweets every couple of days, such as:
  4. I also reached out to individuals and local marketing-related companies on Twitter, such as DemandBase, which was an integral part of the presentation for the night:


The results from show some click fraud to start with, such as:


But overall, while some traffic came in at the same time as my scheduled tweets, such as:


I think the personal e-mails I sent drove most of the traffic:


In the end, the results were:

  1. 35 signed up on the site
  2. We now have 77 members in the group
  3. Ultimately, we had almost 30 people show up in person at the event

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