LinkedIn recently posted slides from a webcast titled “5 ways to close more business with Social Selling” by Bob Moody and Amy Miller. It’s a great short summary of social selling, which I’ve included below along with my own tips: 

  1. Build your profile: Build a strong online reputation that showcases your experience and increases your credibility. I suggest doing this on at least LinkedIn and Twitter, but ideally with your own web site (such as and other social networks that your customers and partners may use.
  2. Develop your network: Develop relationships with people who can share information and provide referrals. I suggest groups on LinkedIn and making connections at events in person. I use to find local events and to manage my own marketing + tech event that I co-host. 
  3. Gather insights: Research social information to prepare for sales conversations. See the tools I have listed below. I’ve only used LinkedIn and InsideView (both are good), but a friend swears by PearlFinders and I’ve talked to people from IntroHive and Oventio, which both have impressive solutions.  
  4. Contribute insights: Provide meaningful insights that earn opportunities to engage with and influence contacts. I suggest sharing where your customers and partners are, plus regularly blogging about topics they will care about.
  5. Use social solutions: Use targeted social media engagement and turn cold leads into warm prospects. See the tools below, but tips from these blogs are great to keep in mind:,,
    Also, make sure you understand the difference between an
    Elevator Pitch, your Unique Selling Proposition and your Value Proposition.(thanks to Jill Konrath for that)

A few tools I’ve recently looked at to help identify the right people to grow relationships with, and the tools to gather insights before contacting those prospects are:

What other tools do you use for social selling? Do you know of anyone who would like to hire me to help with any of these tools and topics?



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