I have been focused on the sales process for quite a few years, and for the last few years that has expanded to include where marketing fits in on one end and services at the other. I’ve often thought of the different criteria to move from one phase to another, the training an employee needs per stage, the content per stage, and so on. So, I finally put my thoughts down and have come up with the following, which will always be a work-in-progress, but I’m happy with my v1 attempt. 

I leverage heavily from HubSpot’s inbound methodology and Eloqua’s content grid to help organize the top-level buckets, but I’ve also kept the default Salesforce.com sales phases in mind too. All of these include:

  1. Mindset of the Buyer
  2. Relationship / Sales stage
  3. Who typically owns the tasks per stage?
  4. The employee’s task
  5. Exit criteria to move to the next step (important for automation and internal SLAs)
  6. Internal hand-off of the contact
  7. Confidence that this will result in a win
  8. Competitive consideration
  9. Primary skill needed by the employee
  10. Content needed for this stage aligned to specific buyer personas
  11. Tools and resources
  12. Measurements per content or phase

I’ve packed it full of details, so click on it to see the full image:

Aligning to the buyer's journey

What else should I include?


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