This is version 2 of my diagram aligned to Buyer’s Journey with the details, tasks, and tools of the the marketing, sales and services process.

Since my first version of my Sales and Marketing Process overview, I have received a bit of feedback and reviewed more material from Eloqua, HubSpot and Marketo regarding inbound marketing and marketing automation. Plus the ongoing information from Sales Benchmark Index, Jill Konrath, and Scott Brinker.

 Brian Groth's Sales and Marketing Process Overview.emf

For each phase of the process, from outbound marketing through customer service, I include the following:

  1. Phases (from HubSpot’s inbound methodology and Eloqua’s content grid)
  2. Who typically owns the tasks per stage?
  3. Mindset of the Buyer
  4. Sales Stage (Relationship)
  5. The employee’s task
  6. Exit criteria to move to the next step (important for automation and internal SLAs)
  7. Internal hand-off of the contact after exit criteria has been satisfied
  8. Confidence that this will result in a win
  9. Competitive consideration
  10. Content needed for this stage (aligned to specific buyer personas)
  11. Tools and resources (in addition to a CRM system)
  12. Measurements per content or phase (just a few)
  13. Primary skill needed by the employee
  14. Training (topics employees likely need training on in addition to the Tools and Primary Skills)

I will be at Dreamforce ‘13 all week, so I’m sure I will learn a thin or two that will improve this chart and expand the details. So come back for future updates.



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