At the Sales 2.0 conference earlier this week in San Francisco, I had the opportunity to be part of the "Sales Enablement and Sales Acceleration" panel. It was moderated by Gerhard Gschwandtner, Founder & CEO, Selling Power and included fellow panelists Aaron Landgraf, Product Marketing Manager, MuleSoft and Ed McGinnis, Principal, McGinnis & Associates.

I presented and answered questions regarding my approach to establishing a sales enablement program for Xactly. In a previous blog post, I shared my overall definition and mission for sales enablement, which I mentioned on the panel. But, then I focused on the architecture, as Gerhard referred to it:

Sales Enablement Architecture - Brian Groth

I focused on the tools more than the other sections for the sake of the panel, but explained the other sections as:

  • Sales Skills & Competencies, such as prospecting, qualifying, negotiating, coaching, positioning your solution, plus competencies, such as product, technical, competitive and business-related topics specific to your solutions and industries, etc.
  • Processes, such as how your organization passes leads to sales reps, move opportunities through the sales process, escalate or ask for help, etc.
  • Sales Content, such as a sales pitch, demo script, analyst reports, case studies, etc.
  • Sales Strategy, such as how you will incent your sales force, use gamification, and manage your territories, accounts and opportunities
  • Sales Tools, such as, LinkedIn, and so on.

I then discussed how it all comes together with a Sales Playbook, Training, and a good Content repository.

If you’re a sales leader (manager, enablement, strategist, etc.), then I highly recommend the Sales 2.0 conference.


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