Who Owns Career Development?

Shared career developmentThe development of sales rep careers is shared with the sales rep, their immediate manager, and sales enablement. It can be confusing to know who takes the lead and owns the career development, but at a high-level, I think of 4 buckets:

On-Boarding: To introduce and train the rep on Tools, Mentoring with a buddy/peer, and Role-Specific activities. This should be owned by the sales manager, with sales enablement assisting as needed.

Boot Camp: To introduce and teach new sales reps about the Sales Process, Activities, Pipeline Management, Forecasting, and Product Messaging. This should be owned by sales enablement, with the sales managers assisting and pulling in subject matter experts as needed.

On-Going: To re-enforce the company’s Sales Activities, Pipeline Management, Forecasting, Product Updates, and Product Messaging. Sales enablement fully owns making this happen, pulling in subject matter experts as needed.

Coaching: To drive improvements in the rep’s Sales Skills, Deal Skills, and overall Career Development opportunities. The sales manager fully owns making this happen, since it requires the manager to observe the rep with customers and regular one-on-one meetings with the rep. As part of coaching, the manager may help promote the sales rep to a new position, in which case, a new sales boot camp might be needed.