OrganizingContent I recently started guest blogging for Seismic Software, which will be a series of articles all focused on the challenges of sales enablement, with the first article being about why content creation is a challenge.

Related to the challenge I outline there is the understanding of how to best organize content for a sales organization. I’m sure there are many options for that, but here’s how I think about it:

Sales Presentations
– Customer-ready slides
– Training options so sales reps can get good at presenting the slides
– Guidance as to which slides to use when, why and to which audience

Product Materials
– Customer-ready videos, datasheets, whitepapers, etc.
– Price sheets, detailed info that may require an NDA, and other sensitive items
– Training options so sales reps can understand materials and the products

– What to know and what to discuss regarding the competition
– How to have the "build versus buy" conversation
– References to 3rd party product reviews, such as G2 Crowd for SaaS solutions

Sales Guides
– A variety of guidance and training options for topics, such as:
– Territory and account management
– Sales skills
– Role guides (SDR, SMB, Enterprise, etc.)
– On-boarding checklists and guidance
– Industry and information specific to your topic or solution areas
– Sales tools
– Partners (who, how to engage, when, etc.)

Resources by Sales Stage
– Many of the items listed above, but organized by sales stage and activity per sales stage
– Example documents and templates, such as an RFP template
– Training options so the reps can improve skills required for each activity in the sales process, plus opportunity management, CRM data entry requirements, etc.


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