too-many-choices1The market for sales enablement solutions is exploding, and as the sales enablement manager at Xactly, I’ve been trying to keep track of the different options available to me. I organize them into a few different buckets, but I’m not even including the variety of marketing automation solutions here, which is arguably related to sales enablement too. So while the solution providers I list is only a subset of what’s available in the market, as you can see, it is getting crowded.

One thing you’ll notice is that I lump sales training people and companies in with software solution providers. That’s because they often go hand-in-hand, but also from my point of view, I need to provide both and they fall into similar categories.


Categories Solution Providers

Who to sell to & why: To figure this out and to manage it on a day-to-day basis, it includes the following sub-categories:

  • Territory Management, Account & Selection
  • Account Planning Solutions
  • Lead Scoring Solutions
  • Lead/Prospect/Contact Management & Info
  • Social Selling (account & lead insights and tools)
  • Customer Intelligence Solutions

LinkedIn, InsideView, ZoomInfo, Infer, Leadspace, Lead Forensics, Lead411, SalesLoft, DiscoverOrg, SalesPredict, Lattice Engines, DashTab, MindMatrix, Introhive, Fliptop, Demandbase, SiriusDecisions, PeopleLinx, Revegy, Avention, D&B, Experian, FirstRain, Thompson Reuters, Collabspot, 6Sense, Mintigo, OptifiNow, GoodCall, TrapIt, EveryoneSocial

Manage the sale: To do this, it includes breaking it down into the following sub-categories:

  • Opportunity & Account Management Solutions
  • Pipeline Management, Opportunity Scoring & Forecasting
  • Customer Engagement & Activity Tracking Solutions (e-mails, calls, meetings, social, etc.), Zoho, Dynamics, TAS Group, TopOPPS, SalesPredict, CirrusInsight, Lattice Engines, InsideSales, Klink, Selligy, Aviso, SalesPredict, TinderBox, DataHug, RelateIQ

Train the sales skills, behaviors & tools: To do this, it helps to break it down into the following sub-categories:

  • Learning Management Solutions (LMS) (host, assign, & track courses)
  • Coaching & Sales Management Solutions
  • Sales Playbook Solutions
  • Sales Training Solutions (trainers, courses & content that span all the other categories and subcategories)

Cornterstone, CommercialTribe, HireView, BrainShark, Brightcove, LearnCore, Rivalry, Playboox, Qstream, CEB, John Barrows, Jill Rowley, Sales For Life, Barry Rhein, Sandler, Miller Heiman, Jill Konrath, ATD, Playboox, MindThickle, Skillsoft, SRG, LSA Global, Selling Power University, Top Sales World, Oratium, FactorLab, 9Slides, Vorsight

Sales content: Spans internal and external solutions and needs to include the marketing department, but can be broken into subcategories:

  • Messaging and Positioning (creation, training & reinforcement solutions)
  • Content Management Solutions (CMS) (host, expose, deliver and share content)
  • Content Creation Solutions
  • Content Usage & Influence Tracking Solutions
  • Business-specific content (ROI, contracts, proposals, etc.)

KnowledgeTree, Box, SAVO, SharePoint, Docurated, Seismic, YesWare, ToutApp, HubSpot Signals, TheROIShop, SpringCM, GoToMeeting, WebEx, JoinMe, ClearSlide, Showpad, Fileboard, Pitch24, Crushpath, Qvidian, Brainshark, TrapIt, Bloomfire

Most of the solution providers I list cut across multiple subcategories, but this is how I look at it from the challenges and opportunities I have as a sales enablement manager. (and yes, I know many people and the solution providers listed, but I opted to not play any favorites when listing them)

Connect with me on LinkedIn and let me know how you categorize the solutions and which ones I’ve missed.


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