December 31 houseboat living

This shows our dock and the waterways on the North and South sides. It also wraps up my 30 days of life-in-Seattle photos.

Any suggestions for my next photo or blog project, which I post to


Marketing with Technology and Social: Chevrolet Route 66

Chevrolet and Microsoft Advertising (where I work) have created a great example of putting technology and social media to work together for a marketing campaign.

The highlights for me include:

  1. Tech: The site has a nice design with integrated video as the primary content type
  2. Social: The goal is to share videos you like with a leaderboard of top sharers
  3. Marketing: The site is for GM’s Chevrolet brand and the winning video could end up being shown on NBC during the Super Bowl

See for the solution and check out the descriptions at MediaPost, Big League Sports, and Torque News.

Leveraging Technology & Content

Microsoft (where I work) and our partner Shoothill just released a great example of bringing content to life with technology, while also promoting a product (a movie in this case). To see ‘The War Horse TimeMap Journey’ and follow the fictional horse ‘Joey’ from southern England to the Western Front in France using archive material from World War One, go to:

I consider it an ‘edutainment’ piece using Bing Maps, Deep Zoom and Azure to tell the fictional story of Joey (the horse) and his owner Albert’s journey from Devon to the trenches of WWI through the use of scans of real trench maps, aerial reconnaissance imagery of the battles (one of which shows a British attack on the German lines), historic imagery of real war horses and Calvary officers from the Dragoon Guards War Diary extracts from the beginning of the war.  BTW the project is built entirely on AJAX and has been optimized for PC, Mac and iPad. (admittedly, being a long-time Microsoft guy, I have only played with it on my Windows 7 PC)

See for more information, plus some great graphical explanations below, compliments of Rod Plummer at Shoothill.

Warhorse Journey opens:


The War Horse Gallery


War Horse Time Map


Some example content: Scans of British Battle Maps


Same place – today


Some example content: Aerial reconnaissance imagery of the battles


Movie clips