The Gamification of Marketing Campaigns

I have previously blogged about social media and game dynamics, Recently though, a few related links have caught my eye:

  1. Federico Feroldi recently shared a great presentation about gamification patterns,  
  2. Last year, Jane McGonigal presented at TED201 about how gaming can make a better world
  3. Soon, Elizabeth Shaw from Forrester will release a report about gamification and how it can be used to drive behavior in situations that aren’t normally seen as games.

This all gives me hope that interacting with brands will become a much more entertaining part of life if marketers start applying these theories. This could be directly with a brand or as part of shared (& branded) experiences with friends.

This is certainly yet another niche in social media marketing that’s worth watching.


Social Advertising

Recently, I’ve been focused on looking into Social Advertising, which I define as advertising that helps an advertiser’s social media marketing efforts. Please let me know if you have some great examples of paid advertising that used social media in some way, plus the ROI to prove that it was successful. The reason I ask is because I haven’t seen any great examples with some solid ROI to back it up.

Please either leave a comment on my blog or contact me on Twitter @BrianGroth.

Beginning Facebook App Development

As a self-described technopologist, I figure I should know how to build Facebook apps at least to the degree I know how to build Windows, Silverlight, ASP.NET and HTML apps. But I find it to be a weird thing to go through since it is a mix of development, hosting, and Facebook page integration.

Can anyone suggest a good “Facebook App 101” guide? Leave a comment or send me a suggestion at @BrianGroth

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